Following activities has been done during the month:

*  School readiness programme and parent teacher meeting for class 1st has been conducted successfully.

*  House distribution has been done for the children ( i.e. Shivaji House, Tagore House, Ashoka House, Raman     House).

*  Celebrated World Health Day on 7th April 2018.

*  Celebrated Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on 13 April 2018 and speech given by the students.

*  Earth Day celebrated on 22-04-2018.

*  Community Lunch has been orgnised on 21th April 2018 .

*  Distributed Spilt up syllabus to teachers and students to complete the target for the month.

*  Steps were taken to reduce the burden of the school bag and suggested to bring necessary books                 according to the time table. Also suggested to purchase only 100 pages notebooks.

*  Set up different committees for CMP.

*  Under CCA activities, decoration of display boards was done .

*  Sports competition conducted as per calendar.

*  Film show has been conducted for every primary class.

*  Class observation and CW/HW notebooks checking work has been done by HM as per schedule.



Following activities has been done during the month:

*  A House meeting was orgnised for the future planning  ( i.e. Shivaji House, Tagore House, Ashoka House,        Raman House) on 23-06-2018.

*  Under the CCA activities, Pledge competition was done.

*  Sports competition conducted as per calendar.

*  Film show has been conducted for every primary class.

*  Class observation and CW/HW notebooks checking work has been done by HM as per schedule.

*  On 21-06-2018, International Yoga Day was celebrated by the students and teachers under the guidance of     yoga instructor.

*  From 22-06-2018 to 30-06-2018, Reading week was conducted by the students in the morning assembly in     order to improve reading skill.

*  On 23-06-2018, Oath taking ceremony was done in the assembly ground.

*  A drawing competition held on 26-06-2018 on the topic of Swacchhta Pakhwada.

*  On 27- 06-2018, Essay writing competition on the topic of Personal Hygine and Skit competition on the         topic of Awareness for Swacchhta Missionwas done.



Following activities has been done during the month:

*  Health check up of first round has completed in the month.

*  Community Lunch was orgnised on 07-07-2018 for each class. Children enjoyed a lot.

*  Poster making competition was orgnized on the topic of Save Earth on the occasion of World Population         Day.

*  Subject teacher conducted activities for their respectives subject enrichment and maintain the record.

*  Conducted CCE cycle 1 for class 1 and 2 and maintain the records.

*  Following CCA competition has been done : English dictation calligraphy on 06-07-2018 and Hindi                 calligraphy competition on 13-07-2018.

* Film Show conducted for all the primary classes.

*  CAL/TAL time table is made and is being implemented in every class.

*  Sports competition conducted as per calendar.

*  Class observation and CW/HW notebooks checking work has been done by HM as per schedule.

*  On 28-07-2018,World Conservation Day was celebrated and tree plantation was done by the Cubs and            Bulbuls.

*  On 31-07-2018, Investiture Ceremony was executed under the guidance of respected principal sir.


Following activities has been done during the month:

*  On 02-08-2018, on the occasion of birth anniversary of Munshi Premchand,speech was delivered on his          great life history.

*  CCE cycle-2 was conducted for class I and II from 04-08-2018 to 10-08-2018.

*  Periodical Test-I   was conducted for classes III to V from 04-08-2018 to 10-08-2018 according to the           schedule.

*  Under CCA activity, on 10-08-2018, Greeting Card Competition was conducted from class I to V and the          best three from each class were sorted out.

*  Community lunch was orgnized class wise.

*  On 13-08-2018, Social Science Exhibition was conducted at school level. Under  which the following               activities were performed: Skit on Social Issue ( Mobile Addiction), Solo dance ,group song, group dance         and speech.

*  On 14-08-2018, a Parents Teacher Meeting was held to show the report of students in P.T.-I.

Independence Day was celebrated on 15-08-2018.Many programmes  were presented by the students           i.e. speech on Freedom Fighters, Patriotic songs etc.

*  On 17-08-2018, A speech was given by the students on the former Prime Minister Lt. Sh. Atal Bihari             Vajpayee.

*  Film show was conducted for every class  according to the time table.


Session – 2018-19


Annual  CMP Plan  (Primary)

a) School Readiness Programme (SRP) :-To ensure smooth Transition from the home  environment to the school environment ,A School Readiness Programme of 6 weeks duration has been developed  and adopted. It helps children to familiarize with the environment of the vidyalaya.  A plan for SRP has been prepared .

b)TLM:-The essential materials for the preparation of TLM will be purchased every month.(except May, June &March) The materials will be supplied as per the requirement of the teachers. Maintain the TLM resister, Requirement/Issue resister and Settlement of advance taken for TLM resister.

c) AV Aids/ICT:-In activity room colour TV, OHP, Digital duplicating machine, Two computers, DVD and CD’s are available. List of Subject wise Teaching aids has been prepared and maintain the issue of teaching aids resister. To use the AV/ICT prepared the time-table of CAL/TAL.

d) Class library:-Class library are being maintained for every primary classes.One almirah is provided in each classroom of primary section for library purpose.Hindi &English books have been issued to the class-teachers for proper use of library periods. It helps to develop reading habits among students.

e)Film Show:- For educative value and make the teaching learning process interesting and joyful , Film are being shown for each class fortnightly.It enables student to get refreshed and bounce back with new energy. The Time –table has been prepared for Film Show.

f) Grand Parents Day:-To honor the Senior citizen and to encourage the children to care, respect, and love their grandparents.  To strengthen the values and develop a sense  of respect towards the elder people. It will decide to celebrate Grand Parents Day in the Vidyalaya on the month of November, 2018. Date will be announced later.

g) Community Lunch :- To develop the spirit of communal harmony, National integration, a sense of caring and sharing among the students. A Community lunch will be conducted once in a month for every primary classes.

h) Excursion:-To enhanced their knowledge and awareness of their surroundings. It re-emphasizes the concepts and allows the children to construct their knowledge and have hand on experience. It is decided the excursion  will be conducted for Class I and II to nearby place ie.Kuchna Complex in the month of September And for Classes III, IV & V  to Anandvan in the month of October.

i) BalMela :- BalMela will be celebrated at cluster level .Date will be decided later.

j) Mini Sport :- Mini Sport will be conducted at cluster level, Date will be decide later.

k)Newsletter:- Newsletter (Volume-I). of the Vidyalaya will be published in the Month of September 2018 and Newsletter (Volume-II) in the month of February 2019.

l)Cubs and bulbul Utsav:- Cubs and bulbul Utsav will be celebrate at cluster level . Date will be decided later.




H.M.                                                                       PRINCIPAL

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